Monday, April 20, 2009


gayuma is a love potion that is used to attract a mate. The potion's magical property is said to work best when taken by the potential partner, often mixed in a drink. As with any other mystical folk item, the effectiveness of a gayuma only works if the caster believes in its power. The use of gayuma today is usually associated with failed courtship, unrequited love, or secret admiration.

The word potion is from the Latin word potionis, meaning beverage, potion or poison in the form of consumable medicine or poison with magical properties. Love potion is a noun that means a drink or poison with magical powers that can make the one who takes it “love” the one who gave it. Philter or philtre also means love potion in Greek.

The term gayuma may also refer to spells that bring love, bind couples, snatch someone's lover, or end an affair. However, these types of spells are performed only by more experienced casters. Other than a potion or a spell, a gayuma may also take the form of a charm. The most popular charms take the form of small red bags filled with items like pebbles, hair, bones, and seeds. When worn, these charms are believed to heighten a person's attractiveness.